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    Today’s business generates huge amount of data. These data flows require the tools to process and analyze them.

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We are a strong team with more than 10 years of experience in senior-level system & network administration, data backup and recovery services, database administration services. We offer 24x7x365 technical support & monitoring services.

We have proved our expertise in fields of database cluster development for highly loaded projects, IT-infrastructure cost optimization, WEB applications full life cycle development.

For our partners we also provide production and testing environment system administration and expert consulting services, heavy projects infrastructure calculation services, statistic services development and data analysis.


IT infrastructure maintenance

Administration of your production environment:

  • LAN administration, network hardware setup
  • Puppet setup and configuration
  • KVM virtualization support
  • OS maintenance:
    • *nix (Debian/Ubuntu)
    • Microsoft Windows Server
  • Database maintenance:
    • MS SQL Server
    • PostgreSQL
    • MongoDB
  • Backup systems maintenance

Trusted by

Aleksander Kaloshin

CEO Aleksander Kaloshin

i-Space is like that paperclip from Word, you know it’s always there for you and will help you with anything. i-Space can also provide the analysis of your company in general, your department or even your team in order to improve its efficiency and help with further development.

Nikita Petrov

CEO Nikita Petrov

i-Space specialists designed the whole statistical workflow that was later implemented into our dashboard for personal communications with customers. This solution really helped us raise the sales numbers more than 300%».

Vasily Kuntsevich

CEO Vasily Kuntsevich

We have years of successful relationships with i-Space and they are our key partners in many business aspects, such as HR, IT administration, financial and accounting services. Everything is top notch!


Alex Shonin

Alex Shonin

Technical director

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