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i-Space is a Russian IT-cluster which organizes inspiring office spaces on turnkey basis, builds a community of professionals and creates synergistic effect between its residents.

For more than 15 years we support developing IT-companies with effective recruitment, legal and financial consulting, IT-services, help them to stay focused and cost-effective, and we constantly look for cooperation between i-Space members.

With i-Space you have more freedom to concentrate on strategic and business-related objectives and to leave everything else behind.

For our clients the best benefit of i-Space is an all-in-one solution, but you choose specifically what services you need and how much you are involved in community.

Be part of IT-community, join our events, collaborate, share experiences and get inspired.

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Aleksandr Kaloshin

CEO Aleksandr Kaloshin

We have recently launched our product in China and needed some help with documentation. I-Space lawyers helped us to resolve all the issues.

Kirill Tufanov

Senior Director Kirill Tufanov

Our professional IT recruiters have hired a team of Russian developers with further relocation to our Berlin office within a very short period of time. The HR team took all the paperwork and was directly involved into the transferring.

Konstantin Ivanov

CEO Konstantin Ivanov

The best benefit of i-Space is that’s an all-in-one solution for the company. It relieves you from any issues of creating an office from scratch.

Anton Baranov

CEO Anton Baranov

It’s very convenient to have a universal place which can consult you or even solve any problems for you.

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Why do you need i-Space?

Why do you need i-Space?

TradingView, a platform for traders, is one of our residents. This team has successfully gone through Techstars, got investments and moved to Saint-Petersburg for further development. We asked Konstantin Ivanov from TradingView about his cooperation with i-Space: “i-Space has become an “all-in-one” solution for us. If I wanted to open


i-Space on the WNConf!

i-Space on the WNConf!

i-Space is a silver sponsor on the White Nights Conference in Prague! See you at the booth S30.



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